• Planning Progress advises on all aspects of planning and the planning system throughout the UK.

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Planning Progress is a planning and public affairs consultancy with a specialist knowledge of planning law, principles, procedure and practice throughout the UK that is second to none. Our expertise includes a detailed understanding of the political and strategic context of planning and how the planning system works at local, regional and national level.

We are unique in providing planning expertise to a wide variety of clients … advising householders, local councils, businesses and developers … whilst also assisting interest groups and national organisations with strategic representations and campaigns.

Peter Edwards Planning Progress

Peter Edwards, Principal and Director

07503 733966

Peter is a specialist planning solicitor, and also a barrister, qualified in land use and arboriculture. He has many years’ experience in all aspects of planning and related areas including highways and public rights of way. A strategic thinker and persuasive advocate, he combines a pragmatic approach with technical expertise in advising on development proposals and objections, troubleshooting difficult issues and dealing directly with planning authorities.

Peter understands the ever changing political context of planning and provides research, analysis and representation for client organisations on existing and emerging planning policy.

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